Blitzed Out

But ready for Bitcoin 2021!

Ya girl is blitzed out! Major gracias to everyone in the community who showed up to support the first Product Hunt South Florida Blitz powered by Florida Entrepreneurs Club.

Take these key next steps as we build to the next blitz:

  • Review the products below to make sure you got all of the ones in the blitz. Leave feedback for the makers if you have not already! There are a few different ways you can do this.

    1. You can leave a comment.

    2. You can “recommend” a product by marking either “yes” or “no”.

    3. You can upvote a product if you really like it.

  • Connect with others in the comments on the product page! Read through what other people said and chime in! Your voice is important. It works similar to Reddit in that you can reply and upvote comments.

  • Build your community. If this was your first time going to the Product Hunt website, you probably don’t have any followers. Start off by following the makers in the blitz, and the people that commented on them. You can also find cool people to follow using the search!

Looking to participate in the next blitz? Submit your product here. Of course, any questions let me know!

In other news, don’t forget about all the Bitcoin events happening this week! Our friends over at UnifyIT have put together a fantastic lineup.


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Blitz Highlights 😼

Monday - RealTrade

Maker: Ryan Poole

Product: RealTrade a revolutionary real estate platform with a marketplace, a social media component and very disruptive business model.

Tuesday - BundleIQ

Featured in the Product Hunt global newsletter! Congratulations Nick and team!

Maker: Nicholas Mohnacky

Product: BundleIQ an AI software that helps knowledge workers stay on top of information by surfacing relevant knowledge from notes, emails, and files in real-time. It’s like Grammarly meets IBM Watson.

Wednesday - TheGoogleSheet.Com

Maker: Chris Johnston

Product: a community resource of events for the #miamitech community and visitors.

Thursday - Ready Set Dinner

Maker: Petra Wintner

Product: Ready Set Dinner is set dinner web-app that alleviates the hassle around home cooking.

Friday - Fish Rules App

Maker: Rick Blalock

Product: Fish Rules simplifies saltwater and freshwater fishing regulations into an easy to understand format. At a glance, know if a fish is in season, how many you can keep, how big they have to be, and more.