Making Things A Little Easier

Work Smarter Not Harder

I’m learning that everything in life does not have to be so hard! Today I was told that it takes 17 seconds for a single thought to become a “manifestation” or a permanent path in our brain. Lesson there, anything negative, stop thinking about it immediately!

One of the greatest things about technology is its ability to make life easier for us. I’m hunting a product tomorrow that will make being lazy a lot easier. Not that I’m encouraging anyone to pick up lazy summer habits. 😛

But if you’re feeling the summer lag, consider joining this community to stay motivated.



Congratulations to Anthony from Indie Worldwide on his Product Hunt Launch!

Summer 2021 is On in South Florida

Putting Together A Pitch Deck?

✔️ There’s a template for that.

Pawndr Pet Delivery Launches

Built right here in South Florida, by the amazing Cee Carter, this pet delivery service picks up and delivers at your convenience. Cee has been driving furry family members all over the United States all while building her product. Pretty amazing. Our friends over at BestTechie have the story.

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