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It’s officially a summer of swagger in Florida. I’m loving seeing all the activity as Florida and beyond comes back to life. Remember to stay healthy, hydrated and focused.

*Tip: drinking a glass of lemon ginger water right after brushing your teeth in the AM has been shown to have health benefits.

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Gr8er Good Games creates custom-designed scavenger hunts, murder mysteries, escape rooms, and brand activation campaigns that incorporate the client's company values. Great for team building! Schedule your team’s game today!

Gr8er Good Games

  • Entrepreneur Starting at 6/yo

  • 16yrs as Global VP of MarCom

  • $23B US/Chinese Conglomerate

  • Built & Sold 7 Companies in Tech, SaaS, Payments & Healthcare (as of 2021)

  • Rang Opening Bell NASDAQ (2014)

  • 100% Bootstrapped Founder

“There is more to me than a sum of accomplishments, accolades, and deals. I’m a master manifestor, a modern-day medicine man, and soundtrack sommelier. I’ll take a sunrise over a sunset. I find the positive in everything and always look for a way to balance or find a win/win.”


Hi my name is Michael, I'm 27 years old and currently living in Berlin. I studied medical engineering in my bachelor's degree and am currently doing my master's degree in computer science.

Type Studio has successfully launched on Product Hunt multiple times. is an online text-based video editor. That means you can edit your video by just editing the transcribed text. It's as easy as editing a Google Doc. Their mission is to democratize the way content is produced today. We really want to lower the barrier of entry for video editing. Everybody should be able to create great content without the need to have any editing experience.

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The Black Collective is looking for self-motivated, well-organized leaders to join the team to uplift the organization’s mission to elevate the political consciousness and amplify the economic power of Black communities. 


XiByte's Company Update  

XiByte, the company behind the virtual assistant and smart bot MAYA that supports entrepreneurs to start their business launched a monthly newsletter. They’ve opened their pre-seed round, working on a $600,000 raise, and are are hiring engineers and marketing experts.

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CodeSwaps is one of the most exciting places for developers to build together. They’re giving away a $250 Amazon gift card to one person every month until the end of December 2021.


Tune in to our Youtube Channel and hear stories of incredible people creating impact through ACTS!

(Art, Community, Technology and Sustainability)

Adarsh Urs, an independent mobile app developer based out of Bangalore, India. Having worked as an independent developer for the last six years, he is also the creator of Android and iOS’s popular app VLC Mobile Remote.

VLC Mobile Remote is a universal remote of sorts that allows you to access, and control your PCs/Macs from your smartphone/tablet. This power-packed app does everything from mouse and keyboard remote; media and volume controls; and system power control to controlling VLC, Netflix, Amazon Prime, YouTube, HBO Now/Go, Disney HotStar, etc. (remote control for any media player, really) and launching/controlling apps on your PC/Mac (your internet browsers included!).

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In this live session I interview Justin as part of my user research for QUOKA. The anonymous messaging club for founders and entrepreneurs.

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Key things to know about DIBBS:

  • Anyone can get started with as little as $1

  • You can buy (and sell) pieces of your favorite athletes’ cards instantly

  • You can also buy into a “Player Collection” - a piece of every card available for a specific player

  • Cards on Dibbs are real - stored in a secure vault - minted as NFTs - fractionalized on-chain

  • Any card can be taken off-platform as an NFT (and moved to other compatible markets or wallets) or shipped physically to your home

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